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    AggressiveDefiance got a reaction from ElegoMall in VOOPOO Vinci X vs SMOK RPM80 Pro   
    I prefer the voopoo Vinci x myself..just by shear personal preference
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    We were 4,000 people strong today I think mr. Trump could see us as he flown over top of us
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    AggressiveDefiance reacted to Christopher in Forum Rules Sticky Updated: 4/18/2022   
    Though this post is old, the link is still active! Please make sure you take a moment to read the forum guidelines
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    AggressiveDefiance reacted to Christopher in New Member Posting / Feature Limitations   
    Hey Vapor Talkers, 
    In an effort to keep spammers in check and to ensure new members take a few moments to get acquainted with Vapor Talk's features, all new members will be required to have 3 posts before being placed into the unrestricted 'VT Member" group. 
    How does it work? What limitations will I have when I first join the forum?
    When first joining the forum you be limited to posting in these sub forums: 
    Introduce Yourself New Vapers Forum Site Features, Requests and Help Vapor Talk Store Support Forum After 3 posts, you will automatically be moved into the standard user or "VT Member" group. From there you can post on the forum normally. 
    But how do I get three posts? What if I don't have a question? What if I want to reply on another topic!
    The easiest method is to simply introduce yourself (see the Introduction Forum). Say hello! At the very least, a staff member will reply. You're also free to ask a question about your new device in the New Vapers Forum. 
    I can't find the forums you mentioned 
    This is partly why we have this minimal restriction. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the forum. This ensures you post in the correct area (ensuring your questions or topic is answers faster) whilst easing the workload on our awesome forum admins and moderators. 
    I feel... feel so chained. I just want to ask my question. 
    We know, we get it. But unfortunately, when dealing with a forum of this size, spam can be a real hassle. We're quite good at spotting it and removing it quickly. But this makes it much easier for us to keep spam limited to a single area. It makes clean up easy. We appreciate it.
    Feel free to start a new topic and jump in. Vapor Talk is well known for it's friendly members, help us keep that vibe going. If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to contact a staff member.You may also want to take a moment to view the forum rules.

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    Best one too me is the one I mix
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