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  1. (SELL) or (TRADE) Fully authentic gunmetal In color but I think it does well with everything black that I have. This thing is in excellent condition not one scratch not one blemish. It has one build I'm it and that is It.. Will sell or trade it.. I'd like to get a gt4 for it but that may be a longshot..just throwin it out there..I'd like to get another good rta or good rda out of it . Just hmu..open to all offers
  2. I prefer the voopoo Vinci x myself..just by shear personal preference
  3. How do I get to post or comment in other forums. Any help is appreciated
  4. We were 4,000 people strong today I think mr. Trump could see us as he flown over top of us #wevapewevote
  5. We do know thing for sure... He definitely hears the Vaping Community.
  6. We got a pretty good sign of Hope from Mister Trump today stating that he will be raising the legal age to 21 for Vaping in the states.. hope to see him stick with this and I hope to see you are the rally tomorrow
  7. A few shots from the 317 Cloud Club meet ..#wevapewevote
  8. Hello Fellow Vapers!! I'm new to this but have been vaping for nearly 6yrs. I am more to the hobbyist side of it,but definitely used this for getting off of combustible tobacco. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana in the "good ole" US of A.. I am the creator of 3 major facebook groups in my state for vaping and continually helping anyone and everyone I possibly can. I truly believe that they think has saved my life and will continue to save everyone else's life as a whole. If anyone needs any help or just would like some more knowledge on anything feel free to contact me. Thanks for having me!!!
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