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  1. Just got the Alchemist Nic salt juice, 50MG. Now is to wait for the Suorin air :D
  2. Just bit the bullet. 30ml of 50mg salt nic Alchemist should arrive in a few days
  3. Well. Tried something. I stopped vaping at around 24:00 last night. Now it is 10. It took me around 10 hits at 75w to get a buzz.....
  4. You probably won't affect your nicotine addiction, in that you'll still feel just as buzzed if u use ur sub ohm, lower nic, device again. Your just getting a LOT more vapor-containing-nicotine when u use the subohm. These ultra portable devices don't produce the same level of vapor so u get a higher nic. The advantage to the "salts" is the smoothness on your throat. Sooo, maybe u should try regular freebased nicotine (old style juice) that has a 80/20 (PG/VG) ratio. A 24mg or 36mg in that case would give u the buzz and throat hit your looking for. Its max 70/30 ratio for these pods. So i feel like the max i should go for is 25mg?
  5. I already ordered the Suorin Air, and i'd be using a 70/30 18 mg in that
  6. Oh myyy apparently a 30ml bottle of salt nic Prophet line her is 50 USD!
  7. The point of nic salts is to have no throat hit. Most throat hit comes from PG. A 36mg nic salt is just as "harsh" as a 48mg. And, depending on the brand, neither should really be harsh at all. So basically it's either a throat hit or a buzz? ****tt i miss the times i could just take a few hits off the Crown in the morning and get buzzed as ****. Maybe i should look into getting both the Nic salts and the normal 18mg, ig. Even though the whole point of getting the Suorin was to save juice.... i mean, i will be in the long run. Im just worried with the 50mg nic salts that i vape too much of it and wont feel anything with the 18mg. I hate going to lesser nic levels and try to get used to it after using higher nic levels, i usually just end up vaping more, then So a basic run down of the problems. I want a throat hit and a buzz, can only get either at a time. I enjoy vaping and im not one of those people who can just use it to get satisfied and just stop (meaning with 50mg my nic intake would probably get ridiculous, unless i would get overwhelmed. Hard time going to lower nic juices again). I honestly believe im more addicted to the action of vaping and the throat hit and buzz is just a bonus....
  8. 9mg at .25ohms would be akin to 36+mg at 1+ohms. I'd go with the 50, especially if your looking for a nice buzz. I've been vaping for quite a few years and hadn't remembered what a "quick" nic buzz felt like lol. You'll love it but definitely take it easy. I ended up dripping down to the 36mg (from 48mg) so I could vape a touch more. It's all about how much you want to vape to some degree. Get both and try em out but I'm guessing 50 will work great! two problems there. Not sure about the throat hit and i enjoy vaping. I dont want to go TOO over the top with how much nicotine i take it... And forgot to mention that the Suorin Air is 16w, if that makes any difference?
  9. Or is 15 maybe better? The whole reason im going to a pod system is i use wayyyy too much juice. So i dont want to go for 15mg if that turns out too be unsatisfying :/
  10. I use the .25 Ohm coils. Im not really worried about taking in too much nicotine, that's why i asked also about Nic salts. The Suorin Air has 1.2 ohm coils. I want a good throat hit and a buzz. So i was just thinking about going with normal 18mg? The only Nic Salts i know about here in Iceland are the Prophet line, 25mg and 50mg. Havent tried any of their juices tho....
  11. I was also wondering about Salt nic juice but i feel like 25mg salt nic wouldn't really give me a throat hit
  12. i use 9mg on my Crown 3 at 70w. I ordered the Suorin Air and was wondering how much nic i should use on it. 20mg? Im looking for a throat hit and a buzz
  13. And btw. Id be throwing a 5 wrap, 30g x 3, 38g outer. On the Bonza RDA. Ohming at .225. is that prettty legit, or?
  14. Yeah, I'll see how it turns out. Quick question though. Isn't it Nichrome? Isn't nickel used for temperature mode?
  15. Thing is none of these are available here in Iceland. And its estimated to ship 12 days from Fasttech. Im thinking about just buying one of the tri 30g core and one dual 26g core. The 30g ohms a lot higher and would work for dual coil setup on a mech. Thank you very much for taking your time to respond
  16. Wouldn't this be about in between the two? : https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10040550/9625980-authentic-vapor-storm-ni80-high-density-fused
  17. I found a dual core n80 26g with 40g outer.... it would Ohm a lot lower...i don't think ill be using a mech? Sorry to have you explain this but uh.... about .15 ohm with the dual core and .22 with the tri core. What are the benefits of each wire?
  18. I have my Bonza RDA on the way which as a LOT of airflow. I kinda want to go with that tri core 30g n80 with 38g n80 outer wire. That would ramp up pretty quickly, right? Im just using a simple 22g 8 wrap Kanthal a1 build and it takes like 2 or 3 seconds to ramp up if they're cold.... I could as well of course just go with higher wattage and shorter hits... would basically be the same thing, i guess. Im just wondering if i should rather find another brand with dual core and with thinner outer wire? Edit: Found this wire here..... https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10040550/9625982-authentic-vapor-storm-ni80-high-density-fused
  19. I was taking a look at Fasttech for prebuild wire spools. I was going for dual core but the ones i found had 30-32g outer wire, which apparently makes the ramp up time really slow. The only ones with 36-38g outer wire are triple core claptons. I don't know too much about his and would be glad to receive a few tips... https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10019099/7745304-authentic-geekvape-n80-fused-clapton-heating-wire There's the link for one of the triple core ones. You can click ''Model'' and see the other two. Im not specifically looking for a certain Ohmage, ill be using it on a regulated device. And i want kind of an in between of the ramp up time and how much wattage the wire can actually handle. When im at home i can't be blowing huge clouds because my mother can't handle the smell of e-liquids and very well. And lower wattages really slow up the ramp times, it seems
  20. I was wondering if it would be safe to drip an RDA with the squonk pin isntalled?
  21. Just got the Coilart Mage mech kit. Jesus christ the flavor that comes off RDA's is amazing... i just have a basic 24 kanthal 8 wrap that came out at .39 Was going to go lower but 5 wrap 24g kanthal has way too little surface area.... im very happy with the purchase. This is a great mech kit for starters I was going to put a picture in but the lowest i got was 1.7MB in file size....so..
  22. Mine goes to .05 and i don't think i will ever be going that far down....my batteries don't allow it anyways and i can't find batteries here that go above 20-23A
  23. So let's say i have a build that's .186. The recommended wattage seems to be about 50-100w (100w probably being too hot to vape). I do 109.5/7.2 as the nominal voltage is 3.6. Which equals 15.2Amps. Im good to go? Does that mean that at max each battery is providing 15.2Amps? On the samsung 30Qs which are 20Amp continous? And the converted is actually EXACTLY 95 percent And do you not really need headroom for a regulated device because of their safety features?
  24. I have a Drag 157w box mod, which is a dual 18650 box mod. I want to start building but i am not sure what Ohms are safe for my batteries. I have both 2 VTC4s (2100 Mah 23Amp rated by mooch) and Samsung 30Qs (3000Mah 20Amp rated by mooch) and was wondering what minimum ohms are safe for each. I would really prefer to use the 30Qs as they're higher Mah, and then use the VTC4s on my mech with a resistance that i know is safe for a battery in a mech . How do Ohms work on a regulated dual battery mod???
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