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  1. FishenFool

    Ok all you Smokers......

    Now that it's cooling down here in Phoenix I think it's time to start cooking on the Kamado again.
  2. FishenFool

    Ok all you Smokers......

    How do I get pictures in here. Cooked on this.
  3. Maple & Rum Tobacco in my Vaporesso Tarot Nano with an Amigo Driptide 4ml topfill tank.
  4. FishenFool

    What are you vaping on?

    Maple & Rum Tobacco from Slim's eJuice or Onset Tobacco from my B&M Parrot Nation.
  5. FishenFool

    Best tasting tobacco e liquids

    Slim's eJuice has one called Red Boro which is supposed to be like a Marlboro Red Box.
  6. FishenFool

    What's your favorite Online Vape Shop?

    For my Rum & Maple Tobacco I use Slim's eJuice and for hardware and my tobacco flavor called Onset I goto a B&M named Parrot Nation in the Phoenix area. Slim's always has at least a 20 percent discount and frequently runs better discounts.

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