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    I believe that it's the cinnamon that blisters your mouth. I went through that when I first started vaping. My taste buds were so dead that it was the only flavor that I could really taste. After about a week I noticed blisters on my tongue. I switched flavors and they went away. Now I only will use cinnamon for a small tank once and awhile for something different but that's it. I haven't had any problems with any juice sine.
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    fenechap3 reacted to jonnoh in Is getting e-liquid on your skin harmful?   
    I find this topic interesting.  Especially about PG and nicotine.  I've often had an O ring fail and got a bit, ok sometimes more than a bit of eliquid in my mouth and out of politeness, swallowed it.  So far the only ramifications of that is hiccups. They occur about two minutes after swallowing.  I drink a bit more than usual of what I'm currently drinking, water, coffee, beer to dilute it and the hiccups pass in about three minutes from onset.  That's it.  Of course individuals are all different, but swallowing liquid is more likely to cause absorption than dripping it on your skin.   I haven't croaked, kicked the bucket, dropped dead, bought the farm, etc. so far.  (unless you listen to the US Social Security Admin. but that's a different story.  The reason PG interests me is because here in Malaysia I've had so many many people accuse me of vaping engine coolant and are surprised when I tell them that this is Propylene Glycol, not Ethylene Glycol.  Ethylene Glycol being the antifreezing agent in engine coolant.  So many ignorant people spouting off on what they think they know.   Now, for fun, I had a duck for a pet when I was young, and no, the other kids didn't call me "duck boy", they called me much worse, but that's not the point of this.  I used to use Veggie Glycerine to keep the duck's water from freezing.  Recommended by the vet.  I could by it very inexpensively at either a pharmacy or the vet's in 1 litre bottles.  Hard to remember so long ago, but that duck lived much longer than most domesticated birds (of course wasn't used for Christmas dinner) without any noticeable health consequences.  

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