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  1. I used to buy strictly from brick and mortars, but they have gotten insanely expensive in my area or I can't count on them to have stuff in stock. I've been getting my hardware from vapor authority and it's going good so far, at least you can get a human on the phone and they respond to your emails. I'm still looking for a solid place to get juice for a decent price. Good quality USA stuff. Oh yeah, and a place that has a good selection of 50/50 ratio juices. I like to use higher pg a lot of the time and it seems like high vg everywhere now. Anyone got a suggestion?
  2. That's great information. This makes me respect Uwell even more. Thanks for posting the article!
  3. I dig it personally. I take it with me when I'm running around town. Easy to use and never leaks on me . . .
  4. I've shopped with many of the big boys. Vapor Authority is my favorite hands down.
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