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  1. You probably won't affect your nicotine addiction, in that you'll still feel just as buzzed if u use ur sub ohm, lower nic, device again. Your just getting a LOT more vapor-containing-nicotine when u use the subohm. These ultra portable devices don't produce the same level of vapor so u get a higher nic. The advantage to the "salts" is the smoothness on your throat. Sooo, maybe u should try regular freebased nicotine (old style juice) that has a 80/20 (PG/VG) ratio. A 24mg or 36mg in that case would give u the buzz and throat hit your looking for.
  2. The point of nic salts is to have no throat hit. Most throat hit comes from PG. A 36mg nic salt is just as "harsh" as a 48mg. And, depending on the brand, neither should really be harsh at all.
  3. 9mg at .25ohms would be akin to 36+mg at 1+ohms. I'd go with the 50, especially if your looking for a nice buzz. I've been vaping for quite a few years and hadn't remembered what a "quick" nic buzz felt like lol. You'll love it but definitely take it easy. I ended up dripping down to the 36mg (from 48mg) so I could vape a touch more. It's all about how much you want to vape to some degree. Get both and try em out but I'm guessing 50 will work great!
  4. What's the ohms of your crown 3's coils? Before nice salts I played around with ohms and nic levels and found that they were user dependent... What I mean is this: 0.5 ohms = 6mg 1.0 ohms = 12mg 2.0 ohms = 24mg I usually Vaped 3mg back on subohm coils. I now use multiple ultra portable vapes (breeze, campak, iShare, Mi-Pod) and I've found that the 36mg is about perfect. You don't want to be taking long or repetitive pulls off these little guys since ur likely to burn the coil out faster so I suggest going hogher than you'd expect and vaping less. Also, throat hit is not going to come from nic salts. They are extremely smooth. I've noticed certain brands are more or less harsh, however, such as Mr. Salt-E and Naked 100. I only buy from Vape Joose now as they transitioned to only nic salts and their flavors are damn smooth. Hope this helps a bit. I've been out of the game for some time [emoji12] YouTube.com/vaporhut
  5. Dudes! Check out Twisted Messes RDA from CompVape! It is bad ***!
  6. Starre tank all the way! It has 0.25 ohm coils and the flavor is amazing. I usually use a dripper and have tried the Atlantis, melo, lemo, delta II, etc... But since this Starre tank has come out, I haven't been able to pit it down! Check out my review for more of an in depth look at the tank!
  7. I work at a vape shop and we have over a 100 flavors. If I could recommend just one, I'd say Rope Bomb. It tastes like Nerds! It is a great ADV!
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