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  1. I have a hiatal hernia and I have a lot of gas and I DID notice the above suggestions. Change to a lower VG, try and not take in any air while breathing in the vapor (someone mentioned technique), use a smaller drip tip, do not be trying to make monstrous clouds, try keeping the airflow closed as much as you can take (if your tank has airflow valve), if the lessening of the VG doesn't help try lessening the PG, and if all else fails you might have to quit all together. I'm thinking I have to quit AND I am so bummed! As my colon is expanding and hitting my recent place of surgery. My gas keeps getting stuck! I'm going to try the lessening of PG.
  2. This is scary..I think...I believe this will just add more light onto vaping then necessary....we are barely holding it together and keeping the feds off our backs with nicotine.....adding another substance to our e juice will definitely prompt some reaction from the feds.....I would like to stay far away from that one....
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