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  1. It does help in getting that "extra dose of nicotine" ha ha ha... I really don't mind the taste, as long as it is not too much liquid!
  2. Canada is sooooo strict on tobacco control. I was in Toronto in July (when smoking analogs) and you cannot even drink at a bar which has an outdoor patio, and still smoke!!! No, we had to walk out completely out of the club and smoke like 50 feet away. Crazy... Trust me, they will treat e-cigs just like analogs, just because the vapor "looks" like smoke.
  3. Ok, everyone come out to California, we need to improve the economy here. We have the ocean, mountains, and the desert and some nice weed houses for ya! Sincererly, The Southern California Tourism Board
  4. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!! I would have love to just seen this! ha ha ha. I am conservative in the way I vape, but still, that reaction is funny. Yea, I bet if you go back to that gas station now, the attendant is now selling his own 510 kits! LOL
  5. I still like the smell of smoke from the analogs, but actually trying to smoke one again, is NASTY!!! I have tried smoking when drinking at clubs, etc.. and I cannot even finish my cig. It taste like ****!!! So, that is a good thing
  6. The batts and attys from my (not used anymore) Blu Cigs are interchangeable with my 510. If you don't mind using an auto batt instead of a manual one.
  7. Back in the days, PG was sprayed like crazy in hospital rooms for infection control.
  8. Holy ****! Nice find Lacey. Imagine walking around vaping on that! LOL
  9. Congrats on saving another life from EVIL TOBACCO!!!
  10. That's right, it was Philip Morris. They were calling it the Accord. Here's a link I found, but it looks like this was being tried in the late 90's, not the 80's... http://www.no-smokin...08-17-98-1.html
  11. But I thought I read somewhere that either Phillip Morris or RJ Reynolds was already experimenting with some kind of electronic cigarette back in the 80's? But, it fell through. Could you imagine how big an e-cig would have been back then. Probably using a 2 lb NiCad battery! LOL
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