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Burning Feeling While Inhaling


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I just found this thread and was going to say that I only get that feeling when my atty is running dry - but Jeff beat me to it. Then I was going to suggest the "filling your mouth with vapor first", but you already figured that out. I try to tell all new people that right off because it was one of the best pieces of advice I got when I started. That, along with taking a long, slow drag instead of short, quick drags. I don't always remember to tell everyone though. I'm glad you found it out all on your own.

Happy Vaping!!!!

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Maybe it is assumed, but I direct inhale myself.  I am fairly new to vaping, but, I have noticed that the condition of your coil can make a big difference on the burning problem.  I have found that if you somehow burned your coil and wick without gettng it wet with juice, that ever after, even if it is wetted, it will continue to burn.  You may just need to change your coil.  I don't see that mentioned at all here.

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Hey i also facing that issue when starts vapes inhaling, its decreasing burning when i am use to this in starts lots of people faces that issue of burning or coughing you also try another vape liquids or change your vape if it doesn't suits you

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