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getting back into vaping


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Hi, I'm Deb

We are senior citizens who started vaping probably 4 years ago or so and then got away from it. Now we're trying again, Hubby is hoping it will help him quit smoking and I have pain issues partially from back surgery that I want to control. We're hoping that the time in between then and now brings new products that will work better for us. Having found cbd that works, I'm tickled.

Having found flower-only gummies I'm hooked. Hubby has got his 2 favorite vape flavors and has found a couple more just last weekend. I think it's important for us to switch them around so we don't get bored and quit.

All our children are grown with children of their own (8 grandkids for us) and so our kids are 3 FurKids.

Hope to make some new friends and obtain solid information being a part of this forum.


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Hi Deb. Glad to hear you and your husband are getting back into vaping. Vapor Talk is for regular vaping and eliquids, we did at one time allow for CBD but no longer allow that subject on the forum. If our members can help with anything else that involves vaping of nicotine-based items, we're all in!

Welcome to Vapor Talk.  :)

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