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Recommended e juice for someone whos quit smoking recently??

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I just found out that my mom has decided to quit smoking and i managed to get her into vaping!!! Shes a little old now but im so glad shes decided to make the switch.

anyway, i dont really have much nicsalt advice for her since i started off with an unregulated mod with freebase e juice, so i just wanted to ask you guys if you have any suggestions for nicsalts that taste like marlboro golds??? 

would appreciate it a lot as I've recently given her my spare caliburn g! 




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Yes, if you use local brand's vape that is horrible because when you inhale it there is suddenly an intolerable sensation in your throat. The Vape Mall discount code nicsalts vape E juice have all the custom flavor with smoothness. I ever buy from here they have high quality products. If you that user who switch from cigarettes to vape to start at 16mg. From here you can choose between 6mg and 35mg in your slat nic vape juice and you can also customize your flavor. 

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