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Uwell Evdilo 200W Box Mod


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Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Evdilo 200W Box Mod from Uwell. The Evdilo 200W Box Mod was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore.


The Evdilo is a compact dual 21700 device which rather than just offering Power Mode or being a bells and whistles feature rich device with full TC suite offers just Power and TCR modes giving both power and TC options but in a very basic form!

This has brought us an efficient, easy to use high performance device which is well worth a look!


In The Box



1 x EVDILO Mod
2 x Battery Sleeves (included in the battery chamber)
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User's Manual
1 x Warning Card
1 x Battery Safety Card



Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Evdilo comes in a useful plastic container with outer cardboard sleeve and on opening the lid of the plastic container i was both surprised by it's small size and found it's form factor aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I received the Red version, it's available in Black, Blue, Purple, Silver and Red gloss finishes some of which are quite vibrant!

The device is not light being of Zinc Alloy construction and once a pair of 21700 batteries are installed is quite heavy but is the size of an average dual 18650 device and a nice ergonomic shape so i found it a good dual battery option for out and about as well as a really good desktop device with all that battery capacity.

The rear of the device that is the sliding battery section is curved to match the contours of dual batteries and then the device curves inwards both sides to meet the protruding face section which houses a really nice feeling large Black pill shaped fire button top and nearer the bottom a more elongated Black horizontal pill shaped rocker. Between the fire button and navigational rocker we have a large OLED screen then right at the bottom a micro USB port.

Moving to the base we have safety marks and Black grooved release catch which protrudes slightly giving the device a slight wobble when standing up. Up top we have a centrally positioned 24mm Stainless Steel plate with Gold plated, spring loaded 510.

The design is both space saving and ergonomic and the finish looks great out the box but with a lot of edges (not sharp) looks like it could be prone to paint chipping off but more about that later!



Evdilo Specs and Features:

Dimensions: 83.7mm by 47.4mm by 32.5mm
Uses Dual High Amp 18650, 20700, or 21700 Batteries (Not Included)
Unique Sliding and Locking Battery Panel
Wattage Output Range: 5 – 200W
Standby Current <100μA
Adjusts in 1W Increments
Voltage Output Range: 0.7 – 8.0V
Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.1Ω
Temperature Control Range: 200 – 600°F / 100 – 315°C
Temperature Control Supports: TCR (Manually enter TCR value for SS or Ni200 wire)
Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
Fast Firing Speed: 0.008S
Power and Device Lock Features
OLED Display Screen
Multiple Protections
Micro USB Charging and Update Port
Thread: 510
Colour: Black, Blue, Purple, Silver, Red


Weight Just Mod = 159g
Weight with installed 18650's with adaptors = 269g
Weight with installed 20700 batteries = 269g
Weight with installed 21700 batteries = 306g


Fitting The Batteries

On the base we have a grooved sliding Black catch which is spring operated, this catch needs sliding towards the front of the device to release and then the back section can be slid off the rest of the device to reveal the battery compartment. The back sliding section has the same Zinc Alloy construction as the rest of the device but has a Black inner rubberised coating for extra safety.

The Evdilo will accommodate dual 21700, 20700 or 18650's with the supplied 18650 adaptors. Despite both the battery compartment and lining of sliding section being Black so loads of room for Bright White orientation labelling we just have small Black on Black labelling on the protruding bottom of the compartment which took me ages to actually locate, very poor!

The sliding back section design actually works great with both 18650 (with supplied adaptors) and 20700 batteries but they really have gone for as compact as possible and the combination of dual 21700's being such a tight fit and the rubberised coating not ideal for sliding over the surface of the batteries made fitting some dual 21700's quite a struggle but once fitted and sliding section in place everything is nicely secured, i tried all 3 battery options and experienced absolutely no battery rattle or movement from the sliding panel whatsoever.

I do have the advantage of knowing someone who has had this device for a while now and he informed me after some use the catch sometimes opens on it's own accord and knows others who have had the same experience. I particularly tested for this spending time continuously opening and closing the catch and sliding the panel on and off to mimic a device that has been used for a few months as when issues do become known quite often a fix is done before the next production run and i have experienced no issues so assume a much sturdier spring is now being used but that's just my guess!



The Display

The Evdilo has a large, bright, uncluttered, quite basic display which is more business like than designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Top left we have the mode then underneath positioned centrally we have either the Wattage or Temperature depending which mode you are in. We then when in Power Mode have an highlight bar which contains no information but when in TCR contains the TCR value.

We then have voltage (wattage when in TCR) followed by Resistance and then vape duration. Below vape duration separating the information just mentioned from the battery status bars we have a thin highlight line. At the very bottom of the display we have a battery status bar for each battery labelled A and B.



Operating The Evdilo

The Evdilo is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and once on either just the navigational rocker or the whole device can be locked. Up and fire together locks the navigational rocker but the device will still fire while down and fire locks the whole device. Interestingly as expected down and fire together when the device is locked unlocks it but when just the navigational rocker is locked either up or down with the fire button unlocks it.

The device is very simple with just Power and TCR modes and no extra settings, the wattage adjusts in 1W increments from 5 to 200w at a really nice pace and round robins. To switch between modes is 3 quick presses of the fire button which causes the mode to blink, you can now switch between Power and TCR using the navigational rocker.

With TCR mode blinking a press of the fire button moves the selection to where you can input the TCR value, another press of the fire button now allows you to set wattage up to 120w and once on TCR mode the temperature can be altered in 5 degree increments in Celsius up to 315 degrees and then round robins to Fahrenheit were it can be adjusted in 10 degree increments up to 600 degrees.




Temperature Protection
Reverse Battery Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Resistance Protection
Open Circuit Protection
Short Circuit Protection
10 second vape cutoff Protection


Charging and Updates:

The Evdilo supports both on-board charging and firmware upgrades via it's micro USB port, when the device was released Type C was becoming more common so have to find it a con we only have a standard micro USB port.

I never recommend charging in the device and if buying this if you haven't got one already i would strongly advise getting an external charger which will charge up to 21700 battery size. As for the charge rate if you do need to charge in the device i really don't know but as i would expect them marketing 2A charging if that was the charge rate i would guess it charges at 1A.


My Experience Using The Evdilo and Thoughts!

I will get the cons out the way first with most being petty while the pros are many! First as mentioned some 21700 batteries are a very tight fit while others are fine but i did get all i tried to fit so a minor thing really especially as the design doesn't threaten to damage your wraps! Again very petty as most are never going to use the micro USB port but this would be better with Type C and finally when it comes to minor issues the protruding release catch does give it a slight wobble but having a broad base it's not in danger of falling over.

The only more major con although will be subjective to the individual is out the box the finish looks really great but someone who as had one a while posted pictures the other day that showed the paint had chipped off in places on the edging. I messaged him to find out if it was caused by really giving the device some major grief but he confirmed the finish isn't that durable long term which will be a small thing for some while even being a deal breaker for others, for the record chipped paint or not he still absolutely loves the device!

The device fires without any delay hitting set wattage instantly and performed perfectly during testing. Being able to accommodate dual 21700 batteries gives the device improved performance at higher wattage and great battery life but even when testing with dual 18650's battery life was very good, it seems a very efficient device. I like the basic nature of the device and i have a feeling it was originally going to be a high performing Power only device but to keep both Power and TC users happy decided to include a TCR mode.

Despite being quite heavy it feels great in the hand and the buttons are very nice, the space saving form factor is practical, ergonomic and pleasing to the eye! Up top 28mm tanks will fit without any overhang whatsoever while even with 30mm tanks you would need to have a major case of OCD to notice the front overhang which is barely noticeable!




Solid build quality
Space saving compact design
Aesthetically pleasing form factor (subjective)
5 Nice colour options
Sliding back section
Accommodates dual 21700, 20700 or 18650 batteries
Very easy to operate
Fires without delay with instant ramp up
No performance issues while testing
Manual TCR Mode
Very good battery life
Supports on-board charging and Data updates
Lock just navigational rocker or entire device
Up to 30mm tanks look great up top (29mm no overhang whatsoever)
Battery sliding section secures with no movement or battery rattle
Large OLED display


Question mark over long term durability of paint finish
release catch protrudes slightly
Some brands of 21700 batteries very tight fit
Poor Orientation labelling
Not Type C USB

I would once agaiin like to thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the Evdilo Box Mod for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


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