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Tired of Feeling Sticky!


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I've only been vaping for about 6 months now.  As an alternative nicotine delivery system this is working well for me.  However, I'm really getting tired of having sticky sticky hands (and sometimes pockets).

Any advice on how to minimize the weeping of condensation from the air flow chamber?  I take my system apart once a week, clean it, and put in a new coil.  Four days later I've got condensation dripping from the air flow assembly.  Nothing I do seems to make any difference.

I have an Aegis Mini starter kit with the Cerberus tank assembly.  I use Vapresso GT CCELL 0.5 Ohm coils at 35W.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

~ Phil

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If you clean your tank that often I would be looking for a damaged or missing gasket somewhere on your tank.  If things are sticky then it's eliquid seeping out, not so much water condensation. Once you find and replace the gasket that's leaking I would not be cleaning the tank quite so often. I clean mine maybe once a month or so as needed? Also, you don't need to change coils that often either, that can get expensive fast! When you notice flavor dropping off, not tasting as good, or it makes you cough, then change out the coil. Otherwise, if you don't constantly chain vape, a coil should last you a little longer than a week.

Hope that helps a bit.  :) 

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