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Axial Pro RDA - Mass Mods x Twisted Messes

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Hi Vapor Talk members, In this review i take a look at the Axial Pro RDA from Mass Mods and Twisted Messes. The Axial Pro RDA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Mass Mods.



The Axial Pro RDA is an all American collaboration between Mass Mods and Twisted Messess who bring us a dose of thinking outside the box. The Axial Pro RDA comes with the usual Parallel deck we are accustomed to but also comes with a series deck section which opens up a new option of building for those that prefer modest builds when it comes to resistance but would love to take advantage of all that surface area provided by a more adventurist dual coil build. Only coming in two colours at the time of writing but of high end build quality, let's give the Axial Pro RDA a look!


In The Box



1 x 25mm Axial Pro cap
1 x Series Deck
1 x Parallel Deck
1 x Delrin 810 drip tip
1 x frosted 810 drip tip
1 x frosted 510 adaptor
Spare O-rings/screws
2 x BF pins
Hex tool
Instruction Manual




The Axial Pro RDA comes in cardboard box packaging with everything you receive having it's own compartment on one layer. To date the RDA comes in just 2 colour options which is matte Black or Polished stainless Steel, i received the Stainless Steel version. The sleeve is very clean and stylish while being plain which will appeal to most people. We have an indented band towards the top where the airflow is adjusted, the airflow is outer dual cyclops, but the inner cap can be turned between dual cyclops or dual 3 holes for more smoothness. The drip tip is a very plain medium profile Delrin 810 and moving to the base we have printed safety marks and branding. Finally we can see one screw on the parallel deck and 2 on the series and both come pre-installed with a standard Gold plated pin.

The build quality of both supplied decks and inner and outer sleeve is high end, it just oozes quality!



Axial Pro Specs and Features:

Diameter: 25mm
Driptip: 810
Material: Stainless Steel
Adjustable Airflow
Comes with both Series and Parallel Decks
Thread: 510
Colours: Matte Black, Polished Stainless Steel



What You Receive?

You obviously get the inner and outer sleeve and pre-installed 810 Delrin drip tip, also included is a Frosted 810 and a Frosted 510 adaptor. As already mentioned you receive 2 decks (parallel and Series) but what i like is they are both completed decks with both also having a pre-installed standard 510. Hopefully in the near future just the sleeves will be available so just the purchase of the sleeve (inner and outer) will give you 2 RDA's.

Also included is plenty of spare o-rings and screws and also 2 BF pins, one for each deck. Unfortunately no coils or cotton is provided and no tools for swapping out the pins. Yes most people will have plenty of screwdrivers and an allen wrench that fits the BF pin and they will also have plenty of cotton and coils but it's hardly the point. This is an expensive RDA so should come with everything needed and that includes cotton and coils to do at least one build!


Parallel and Series Build Deck

A series build deck option isn't innovative in it'self and was a thing a while back but to my knowledge it was always the case that the standard parallel deck needed converting into a series which was fiddly and of cause bits can easily be lost.

Here we have two independent decks which at a quick glance can be told apart by the large Blue neutral block on the series deck, i really like the way colour has been used to help easily identify the two different decks.

Both decks are so clean looking, it's all about attention to detail and not so much that the series deck option isn't innovative but how simply it has been implemented, sometimes simple can be genius!



The Difference Between Parallel and Series Decks

On a standard dual parallel deck we have two coils that run side by side both having one lead that fixes to a positive post and one lead that fixes to a negative post (ground). When coils are installed this way the resistance is halved.

On a series deck we have a positive and negative post and then one shared neutral post that links them together. This means one coil has a lead fixed to the positive post while the other coil has a lead fixed to the negative (ground) then both coils has it's remaining lead fixed to the neutral post so both coils become a part of one continuous circuit which means the resistance in doubled.


The Maths

Parallel Dual coil setup: Each coils resistance is 0.20 x 2 coils in parallel = 0.10 resistance

Series Dual coil setup: Each coils resistance is 0.20 x 2 coils in series = 0.40 resistance.



The Airflow

The airflow is pretty standard and consists of the outer sleeve having dual cyclops and the inner sleeve having both dual cyclops and dual 3 hole set-up so just turn the top-cap (which is also your inner sleeve section) to choose between which style of airflow you prefer. I can tell you after using the RDA that the 3 holes each side are quite large and although it does smooth the airflow slightly it's minimal as the airflow isn't exactly turbulent with the slots and also any restriction is also very minimal.

The outer sleeve locks onto the deck with the outer airflow slots centred to the coils but this does mean anything but airflow fully open will not be fully centred.

Finally the inside of the inner sleeve/top-cap has a conical shape and the airflow will be hitting your coils full on wrapping around and giving good coverage.



The Build

I built on the Series deck after swapping for a BF pin and the build is done the same as on the standard parallel deck just class your neutral shared post as your negative and both negative and positive as your positive for the sake of doing the build with no confusion.

The deck gives a lovely wide open build area and has block type posts that lay horizontally on the floor of the deck giving you 4 postless style terminals, just lower your leads in from above and the hex screws (my favourite) get fastened from the sides where we have little arcs cutout of the wall of the deck for easy access.

I cut my coil leads to 4mm and fastened in place before pulsing, i pulsed before lining my coils up as their is so much room and once i got rid of any hot spots used a coiling rod to get them positioned where i wanted them.

Wicking is just as simple just cut your cotton ends leaving an reasonable length, fluff your ends up thinning slightly and then tuck down into the wells, that's it!



How She Vaped and My Thoughts!

First thing even if this RDA didn't come with the serial deck, the deck design it'self is one of the best i have used for it's simplicity, just very well executed. Add to this the flavour it gives, looks and overall build quality then this would be a top notch RDA even without the big talking point, that serial deck!

What i like about the serial deck is i had a pair of SS 0.3ohm Alien Claptons (thanks Crazy Chef) which i just haven't used and would of eventually split and put them in a single coil RTA. I know using them in a normal parallel dual set-up would to most be very modest but personally i just do not go below 0.2ohms even on a regulated device and prefer builds between 0.4 and 0.6. I don't know what wattage i would of needed to be at with these coils on a parallel deck (definitely would of needed a dual battery regulated device not a single) but the build came out to 0.62ohms on the serial deck and although it's not quite as simple as using very low wattage (normally i would be at between 20W and 25W with 0.6ohm build), just 45W gave me copious clouds and some of the best flavour i have got from an RDA, i am testing some desserts and the Axial Pro loves them.

It also will allow for much safer builds on mech mods while still using your favourite coils, it's a real winner!

I did use the 3-hole airflow for what little restriction it gave simply because i wanted the airflow fully open to keep it perfectly centred, it gives plenty of air and it is also very noticeable how cool the sleeve kept.

The only cons i have are not receiving the tools for swapping the pins and not receiving coils and cotton to me is a big con with any rebuildable. Also to be petty the drip tips are fit for purpose but nothing special so i can see myself putting something better up top! Finally the tolerances on this RDA just couldn't be better and even despite having nothing to grip the airflow adjusts with a smooth movement.




High end build quality
Stylish if plain look
Simplistic deck designs
Both Parallel and Serial decks supplied
Spacious postless style design
Very easy build and wick
Allows modest dual builds
Great flavour
Smooth airflow
Tolerances spot on with o-rings
Sleeve kept very cool
Plenty of spares
2 Drip tips
510 Adaptor


Don't receive coils or cotton
Don't receive tools to swap pins
Need fully open airflow to be perfectly centred
Drip tips ok but not as special as the rest of the RDA

I would once again like to thank Mass Mods for sending the Axial Pro RDA for the purpose of this review.


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