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Contest Area Reopened - Rules


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Contest Area

Verified Vendors and Vapor Talk members alike are welcome to to post in this area. Please note that your post count will not rise when posting in the contest area as this does not contribute to anything useful. 

Contest Area Rules

  1. One contest at a time. Multiple contests are not allowed.
  2. Do not tag another member or use the tag system when creating a contest
  3. Contest End date must be included in the title
  4. Contest cannot run longer than 30 days.
  5. Any vendor reported not to deliver will be forbidden from further use of the contest area
  6. Do not use the contest area as way to spam the forum. Do not request that members edit their signatures or post links to your store etc in other parts of the forum. Bypassing the spam rules in place may result in a ban. 
  7. Please do not post personal information
  8. Winners should not have to pay for the product they have won. The sort of defeats the entire purpose of a contest.Shipping or minimal amounts for FDA regulation/compliance is ok. 

Good luck, enjoy and have fun!

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