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Blinking 510 Non stop

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So i have something interesting. i bought this battery at a head shop and it always seemed a little questionable but I got it for a good price and it looked cool. it seems sometimes when i'm hitting it will blink like it does not recognize there is an atomizer connected to it. I thought nothing of it and kept using it. Last night i was hitting it then it blinked like it didn't recognize it so i waited and tried again. Then it started blinking 5 times but after the 5 blink it glitches and loops it again. Its been blinking for over 8 hours. other than wait for it to die and replace it do you think there is any hope in salvaging it?

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There are batteries and there are mods... without any kind of reference to name brand, model, what kind of tank or RDA/RBA, coil, etc. that you're using, it's hard to troubleshoot your problem. Can you provide more details on what it is that you have?

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