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As a beginner, what do I need?


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Hello everyone, 
I started smoking cigarettes again at the beginning of the year and for a number of reasons. But now I want to switch to vaping exclusively. I was smoking about 4-5 Camel a day for the past few months and just got a My Blu disposable one with the juice pod from a gas station. The taste is awful and its harsher than a normal cigarette for me, I'm also afraid this thing is gonna explode, it gets way too hot during charging.
Anyway, my question is what parts do I need to buy to have a fully functioning vaporizer? I know almost nothing about vaporizers and vaping.
I'm aware most of these run on batteries and that I'll have to buy e juice online (removed spammy link), and a tank/mouthpiece part that I think is called an atomizer as well.  I'd like to use the kind that has the tank that you refill instead of the kind that has the cotton you soak, if that's correct. Am I missing anything? 

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First of all, where to start...  My best advice for you is to visit a local vape-shop and speak with a knowledgeable clerk.  Let them know you are looking for a good starter-setup with variable Wattage device from a reputable company (Kanger, Aspire, SMOK, eLeaf, GeekVape, Innokin, Wismec, VooPoo, and many others), which utilizes external 18650 batteries (or at least has an internal battery pack of 2000mAh or larger).  You would also want a good tank design from a reputable company (Kanger, Smok, Aspire, Uwell, etc.).  You should avoid coils (as a noobie) which are strictly for sub-ohm cloud-chasing.  I would recommend coils with a resistance of 0.5 or higher, all the way up to 1.8 Ohm, in a single or double-coil design.

Avoid the POD systems, and especially the cig-a-like systems where you are stuck using the juices pre-installed.  Not to mention, these devices have no adjustment to adjust the device to your preferences (and your juice's preferences).  There are thousands of good and tasty juices out there, in differing nicotine strengths.  So, I should  also address that...  You say you are only smoking 4-5 cigarettes per day, so your nicotine dependence is low.  I would recommend using a 6mg strength if using a higher resistance coil... 3mg if using a 0.5 or lower Ohm coil.  Lower resistance allows for more nicotine delivery due to heat and volume.  You don't need 18 or 24mg, and that is what is most likely in your recently purchased POD / BLU systems.

While at the vape-shop... try the different juices available at the sample-counter... find one you like and buy it in the appropriate nicotine strength.  Then, have the clerk set up your vape device... showing you  how to prime the coil, fill the tank, change the coils, etc.  Have them go over the functions of the mod (battery device), and showing you the proper way to change / charge the battery.  If you go with a replaceable battery device, make sure you purchase at least TWO 18650 batteries, and make sure you purchase quality batteries from Sony, Samsung, LG, eFest, or other quality company.  Avoid cheap Chinese batteries with "cool western-sounding names" (like TrustFire).  You'll also need a quality external battery charger from NiteCore, Lucfest (eFest), or other quality company.  

Do some research in the posts here, or other online sources... find something that catches your eye, and do some searches on it for reviews.  There is no one-size-fits-all to vaping, and what works for me may not be your cup-o-tea.

One last thing... when finding the sweet-spot for Wattage to use with your new device... start with a low Wattage, vape, turn it up a Watt or two, vape,  repeat... until you get a slightly burnt flavor (or it gets too hot for your liking)... then back it off by a Watt or two.  That is the sweet-spot for THAT coil and juice combo.  Another juice or different coil combo will require the same "treasure-hunt" to find its sweet-spot.  No two juices and coil combos are the same... for you ... or for me... we all have individual tastes and preferences... which is why the gas station cig-a-likes and pod systems are the most useless "toys" anyone can buy if they are serious about using vaping to quit smoking.

Good luck and check back in to let us know what you found, ask more questions, and let us know how you are doing!  Group-therapy is just as important as finding the right device and juice! ;) 

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