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Wick problem ammit dual coil

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I desperately try to make this build to work.


Here the issue, have prebuilt coil, perfect fit. I try to wick them many time today, watch many youtube video, etc, and at each time, it leak. If it don't leak, the flavor is horrible, dry hit.


I've tryied japanese cotton, organic cotton and bacon v2, all cotton type make the same result.


When it's leak, i've tryied too to add more cotton. Seem to come from the airflow the leakink. After added some cotton, the leaking issues is resolve, but the flavor is not there, and dry hit.


I'm desesperate, i try to get off my tfv12 (coil cost so much,) to rdta, but no luck.


Thank you very much!

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Wow, you're everywhere, lol.  It is a finicky atty.  If I remember correctly, I found that a 3mm coil gave me the right amount of cotton for wicking.  I combed it very lightly after fluffing the ends.    I've got the cotton dangling in the wicking channel not touching the bottom yet filling the area where it goes down under the deck.  Not the damming method as the cotton does enter the channels.  Fill with the juice control fully closed.  You may still get a little initial flooding from the pressurization.  I find if I leave just a little space at the top instead of filling it to the brim, it helps.  Beyond that, I'm afraid I would have to build one with you for a better description. 

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