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MFS CC unauthorized transactions


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I received a email from MFS today




April 23rd, 2015
Dear Customer,
We are contacting you as a precautionary measure to let you know about a data security incident that might affect your customer information.
Potential Data Security Breach

We identified that between approximately February 11, 2015 and March 16, 2015, electronic data may have been improperly obtained through unauthorized access to the website for MyFreedomSmokes ("MFS"). Specifically, on March 16, 2015, we discovered unauthorized code on the website and, although the code was encrypted, we believe that this code may have been used to obtain customer data as customers entered the information into the site's shopping cart while making a purchase on the website. This data could include customer name, physical address, email address, telephone number, credit card number, expiration date and card verification value ("CVV") number, if provided by the customer while placing an order with MFS through the website during the time period mentioned above. As soon as this code was discovered, MFS removed the code and began immediate efforts to restore the security of the website, secure customer information and determine the scope of the unauthorized access and how it occurred. We also retained the services of a nationally recognized cyber security firm and engaged in enhancements to the security of our website. MFS does not retain full credit card numbers or CVV numbers of our customers. Further, although MFS' website uses encrypted SSL links with customers and although MFS' card processor gateway during this period also was encrypted, MFS has changed its process for taking orders online and has moved to an enhanced system to protect customer information.


Although we have no evidence confirming that illegal use of any personal information has occurred or that any material harm will result to any customer as a result of this incident, some customers have reported fraudulent charges on their payment cards during the period noted above. Therefore, we want to alert you this risk and inform you of actions that you can take to help protect against identity theft.


My credit card has been replaced already. Knew it was them since I haven't used that card since before Christmas.


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