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Atomizer won't work with battery. PLEASE HELP!


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Hi, I am new to vaping and I just recently bought my first mod. I purchased the K1 Telescopic mod. This is different from the K100 that I've seen because the button is on the side instead of the bottom. I can't seem to find it anywhere online. But I also purchased the Fumiclear 30 tank with the mod. The battery is fully charged but the tank will not work with my mod. The Fumiclear is a 4 set wick tank with 3 wicks on each set and is rated at 2.1 OHMS. My battery is an 18650 battery so it should work, right? My mod originally came with a cartomizer. Please help me!! I've tried charging fully and still does not work! Do certain tanks not work for certain mods? Threads are correct also. 510 threading for both.

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Agree with the above... Even with my latest Zodiac mod, the tolerances are so high, that just a little too much "battery shake" and you make no electrical contact. Check your reset button where your addy attaches to your mod and adjust the mod for 0 batter shake.

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