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VTR into a DNA 30


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the fogger's airflow adjustment ring doesn't allow for a good fit

Sorry for late reply. I just noticed, it fits with my two first version Fogger V4. There are different revisions and the threaded airflow ring doesn't fit. I guess the only options are leave the airflow ring off, grind it down or dremel a bit off from the VTR. I might dremel a bit away to have a bigger channel for the airflow in general, but first I'll have to get it apart. Just got my DNA30 and stuff :) Still waiting for some 2 color effect paint to give it a little more bling.

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the link took me to the page but it was all in Spanish :(

Vous na pas sais la baguette? It's french lol :P

Chrome offers a button in the browser translating the page, or use translate.google.com. It's good enough to read.

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