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The good old rattlesnake :)

Some juices do it more than normal also the voltage can do it. If you have a VV / Spinner battery try turning it down a touch.

As long as it vapes well and you get a good flavour who cares.

I personally like the crackle and pop

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If juice isn't splashing up onto your mouth, it's fine, and normal, unless you are getting a burned taste. If you are getting juice with it, you've gotten juice in the center tube. Try putting a tissue loosely over one end, and blowing through the other end, and see if any juice comes out with it, and repeat until no more juice comes out. If it happens again after you've cleared the center tube, then the coil is probably not fully functioning and it's flooding and you may need to change the coil. Some of the Aspire coils don't work very well. If you look at a couple of the other Aspire threads, the coils tend to be.....inconsistent.

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I sometimes have this happen when a coil is brand new, it seems to stop after a few hours to a day or so. for me, it seems to happen more with higher VG liquids...I'm pretty sure its a wicking thing with the thicker liquids for me.

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