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Ego Twist Won't Charge

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First my standard ego was being finicky, not charging when I plug it in, so I kept trying and trying and would work sometimes, now it works always.

Tonight my twist has the same problem now, guess its contagious lol. Except I really can't get it to go now. Is there something I can do, or a simple fix? Iv looked at the charger and seems fine.

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Are you using the same charger on both?If so I would say the charger is not making contact all the time.If it is two seperate chargers I would say you are having a run of bad luck.If you don't have one you should get one of those extensions used for charging 510 manual batteries and try that to see if it allows things to make better contact.Make sure all the connectors are clean and dry.Spare batteries and chargers are always a good idea.A passthrough is also a good idea.

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The pin will occasionally get pushed out of place. also, I use a bit rubbing alcohol and a q-tip to clean the charger threads and the batter threads (inside and out). I keep a few extra chargers around just in case....backups, backups, backups.

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