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  1. I had the same issue. Always locked the battery to charge it and it was always green. I just got it today so I thought it was an issue with the charger because when I bought it I didnt lock it and drove to work with it plugged into my car for about 30 mins. So I managed to use it for about 5 hits when I got to work thinking everything was fine. At work it wouldnt work anymore but the light was on so I figured it was working but it wasnt. In my head the battery was dead but when I plugged it back in (with it locked) the light stayed green, and I couldn't get it to work the rest of the night tonight. I just got home and was messing around with it and finally plugged it in unlocked and the light turned red and it finally started charging. So yes, some models I believe are set up to where you have to have it unlocked to charge!!!! I wish the company would tell you this when you buy it...... kinda seems like they are losing money on returns because of it. Dumb business strategy
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