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  1. Cheers Tam, will be doing just that on the back-ups, tnx. F
  2. Hi Tam, have a update from this morning... well I'd called town as said & popped in couple of e-stores so firstly kind lady she took a look & gave it all a clean inc. battery points[-/+] reconnecting the vape tank to battery it we noticed the glass diameter in use wasn't quite sitting right upon the battery, kinda loose/wobbly [?] deciding to replace it [& kid you not] that did sit so sweet upon the casing nice & firm no probs & all before without tightly screw down of the top-cap & mouthpiece as be the norm. we gave it a 15mins in store charge.... alas on try
  3. Yo, firstly thanks for your reply Tam, at my apologies to you & at that to all the other lasses I do send on to.... x now, yep it would've been a good 5hrs+ now on a charge through night[I made do with a 'bluPro' e-pen... broke my tank few week back so late night quick buy at a 24hr.Tesco's] erm' well on looking at my V-22 can see USB lit up indicating it getting charged, so suppose the acid test is now[?] pick it up press 5 & see if it does the do, really do hope so so here goes.... nothing completely dead no blinking lights nor owt, I've noticed that the star
  4. my Vape 22 been ok for 4mth. now on a charge[USB light lit] so came to fire it up gave 5 presses on activation button & nothing but light around activation button blinked very fast & sempt more than the usual 3 to 4 blinks as I expected in working condition over last 4mth. use... guessing it blinked 10 or 12 times more so[?] then got cleaver[NOT!] went on line got a tad info... AND acted on it in hope to sort it, AND here I'am... Hi all well I acted on it could be to coil [-/+] pin not connecting to so pull it a little so pin [+end] connects to battery to intent & purpos
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