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  1. Cheers Tam, will be doing just that on the back-ups, tnx. F
  2. Hi Tam, have a update from this morning... well I'd called town as said & popped in couple of e-stores so firstly kind lady she took a look & gave it all a clean inc. battery points[-/+] reconnecting the vape tank to battery it we noticed the glass diameter in use wasn't quite sitting right upon the battery, kinda loose/wobbly [?] deciding to replace it [& kid you not] that did sit so sweet upon the casing nice & firm no probs & all before without tightly screw down of the top-cap & mouthpiece as be the norm. we gave it a 15mins in store charge.... alas on trying to fire it all on up .... got nowt to owt of any much nowt ditto, zilch boggar-all! so I thanked her & left having bought & kept the glass tank & bottle of e-liq. at £8.50 /[US.$11.22] went on my way... my next stop a store I've frequented before 'VapeCity' all I'll say is if anyone will know it's these lads, it they who'll prevail[!] & thus so it did come to pass, ..... having explained my situation passed over my vape for my man to have a look..[?] he looked barely glanced with his expert eye then turned & said there that's the problem, pointing at inside of the USB porthole it's the contact pins they truly mashed-up.... [Oh!] I mumbled "better be more careful when I'm plugging in" told me its over, it cannot be saved it'll never vape again it's gone to vape heaven... *RIP* asked how much for a new one when he said twenty quid mate, I said bargain... so there it all is I'm sat toking on my new vape, loved other in black but this is better in all shiney chrome... ! at £20.00 /[US.$26.40] an absolute bargain had at that..! Oh.... still, a big thanks Tam. x
  3. Yo, firstly thanks for your reply Tam, at my apologies to you & at that to all the other lasses I do send on to.... x now, yep it would've been a good 5hrs+ now on a charge through night[I made do with a 'bluPro' e-pen... broke my tank few week back so late night quick buy at a 24hr.Tesco's] erm' well on looking at my V-22 can see USB lit up indicating it getting charged, so suppose the acid test is now[?] pick it up press 5 & see if it does the do, really do hope so so here goes.... nothing completely dead no blinking lights nor owt, I've noticed that the start-up button it looks slightly, very slightly not quite sitting right... no spare coils on me at mo, I'm due to be in town 12 noon so should imagine I call at a e-store see what can be done, if not sorted beforhand. [I'm really very much a novice on dis, it's all a learning curve at mo the V-22 my first buy, had quite happy days really the bluPRO more emergency buy knowing had a long all nighter ahead & V-22 tank brok so needs be....but it 'blu'ming awful.... seems very hard pullin when taking a toke[?] erm' one thing is, is I'd been toking on V-22 while it was on charge yesterday sat at home... [?] so dunno if maybe it doing that..! right oki-doke get sending this script off & thanks again Tam I sees you laterz... x
  4. my Vape 22 been ok for 4mth. now on a charge[USB light lit] so came to fire it up gave 5 presses on activation button & nothing but light around activation button blinked very fast & sempt more than the usual 3 to 4 blinks as I expected in working condition over last 4mth. use... guessing it blinked 10 or 12 times more so[?] then got cleaver[NOT!] went on line got a tad info... AND acted on it in hope to sort it, AND here I'am... Hi all well I acted on it could be to coil [-/+] pin not connecting to so pull it a little so pin [+end] connects to battery to intent & purpose hope it did... cannnected tank coil mouthpiece to battery gave it some charge USB indecator-light lit up nowt out of ordinary, so after some 15mins gave 5x-presses on button & nowt[even the 10- 12 blinks had earlier had vanished.. gone nothing dead!] so in a fix & in hope someone show a way to on this one... please, be much obliged if can, thanks in advance lads
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