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  1. Hi Walt, Thanks for the heads up. I was able to read a diff article about g box squonker that fails. glad that you were not hurt. When I read about this, I started researching about hazards in vaping. I watched videos regarding 18650 batteries. I checked on g box squonker 's specification and reviews, though I have not seen an actual squonker, I saw that max output watt is 200. and it says it works with 2 18650 batteries, does this mean that an 18650 batteries produces 100 watts?
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    Welcome Smoking Joe
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    Thanks Tam for your advice. I can see the wisdom that comes from experience. it is true that we do not know if vaping is completely safe or not. I still believe in that whatever foreign matter you put in to your lungs (body) that is not oxygen is harmful. I just don't want to think that vaping is going to be the future cigar. coz if that is going to be the case, then it is very contradicting to the purpose of smokers to make vaping as an alternative to cigar and help them get rid of it.
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    HI I am Blair

    Hi I am Blair a new member. Interested to try vaping I am a non smoker

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