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  1. My GF wants to start vaping but just can't stop coughing and I know it's because she's not used to it but it's like no matter what she tries it's too much for her. Any suggestions we might've missed???
  2. It could well have been but the only thing it's invading now is my bin haha I believe just a glass reinforcement to stop it shattering when it's being shipped. Nothing too interesting unfortunately haha
  3. I got it out it was a piece of rubbery material to support the glass when they're shipping it I believe
  4. I bought a Falcon today and there's this white thing on the inside of the tank and I was wondering what it is and if I could remove it as it's preventing me from putting in liquid right. Thanks
  5. I'm really not sure but I'll let it steep for a few days and see if that's the problem. Thanks tho
  6. It's an alien baby beast with a 0.15 sub ohm V8 coil which is premade. Yes I primed the same way I prime all my coils.
  7. It's a 9mg nic shot to get 3mg liquid which is 70/30 and the liquid is 80/20. Flavor ratio I'm not sure
  8. Today I bought a shake and vape from my local shop and I really need help because I must have not shaken it right or something, all I can taste from the juice is nicotine and I never usually buy shortfills so I never know how to do it. Any advice to fix this?
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