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  1. Definitely buyer beware on eBay. I’d only buy things like batteries face to face to many people doing the wrong by others. And still been able too sleep at night
  2. Lol. It only takes about two weeks to get here from slow tech. I wait just as long from the USA. I’m just joking about postal address. Same as you and your wife she just laughs saying you got more crap. After 32 years I hope she’s used too it
  3. I’ve been using a site called fasttech. Don’t know if I’m allowed to mention company names [emoji120]. It’s a Chinese wed site free posting. A lot cheaper than a lot of places in Australia by far. I’ll need a different postal address so the wife’s not on my back about all the stuff I buy gotta love eBay as well
  4. Only problem its Chinese New Year holidays for ten days didn’t realise till I’d paid and ordered lol.
  5. Just ordered another Eleaf ipower 80w today.$33 us. Just for the mod. Free post
  6. My son is getting into diy so I’ll be getting of him some are very nice some yuk but that’s the learning curve I guess
  7. Vaping is definitely a lot cheaper than smoking so I’ll be here a bit it’s very helpful reading the old and new post you guys are very helpful [emoji106][emoji108]
  8. Yes I lol be getting a second one for sure I’ve just gotta get over spending so many $$$$ on my truck (not a Ute as we call what you guys call a truck) but my work vehicle she’s getting old like me and needs money spent on her [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. I did the firmware update 1.03 for Eleaf 80 w and I got better battery life today. Plus just for novelty I like the puff counter
  10. Yes that’s what I’m thinking getting a second one. My son just got a smok priv 2 Lux I’ll give that a go. It’s quite a bit heavier than the Eleaf 80w
  11. Yes I’m hitting it pretty often so getting a day I’m just going too have to live with thanks
  12. I’ve turned it off bypass after reading thinking I need more experience before using that mode
  13. Just tried it on bypass mode that was pretty good will it burn out the coil on that mode ?? Is that for other types of coils
  14. And to your first question I’m really over my truck 12 hours a day for the last 14 years
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