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  1. If i take a break from it, and go back to vaping, the flavor comes back. I wait 1 hour sometimes.
  2. 1. Open new coil. 2. Prime until it cant take any more juice. 3. Put coil in vape 4. Fill tank fully with 75/25 juice 5. Let sit for 15 minutes minimum & 30 minutes max 6. Prime puff it for 5 minutes (means puff without pressing fire button to soak it more) 7. Vape 5 puffs then taste goes away. 8. Do step 1 through 7 all over again. I heard youtuber indoor smokers lets his juice sit in his tank overnight? I would but i cant wait that long. Also, I use a ego aio with 75/25 Pg/Vg. With a small coil like that, what pg vg ratio should i use?
  3. Well, i just prime it everywhere i can and i do it correctly ive watched vids. Only thing i can think is vape juice is too thick
  4. The only reason why they said vapes give off formaldehyde is because they pressed the vape too long and the coil got so dry it started to burn the cotton. Anything burning has formaldehyde. Obviously no one is vaping burnt cotton.
  5. The only way i was able to quit the first time was with great flavor. Now i use a low wattage vape with high nic cause my taste buds suck. If you want you can buy a second vape called an ego aio theyre meant for high nic juice. Comes with 2 coils. But if you dont smoke much, just keep your original setup with 3mg. If you are a heavy smoker, you need the higher nic with a cheap low watt vape. Its either go for flavor or go with nic.
  6. I have to prime every 5 pulls to get the flavor. I have vapors tougne, i prime it enough, i use 75/25, its happened with every vape. flavor used to be good 2 years ago. i just quit smoking.
  7. thanks. it was my 12mg of nic plus not brushing my tougne im using 3mg of nic now
  8. It tastes like rubbing alcohol. Ive been drinking water. I also have dry mouth i need something like biotine. These coils in this ego aio looks like they have no entrances for juice. Idk. Im using 5050 mixed with 7525 pgvg
  9. Im also sick with a bad soar throat and ive been coughing a lot of mucus phlegm
  10. I just got a ego aio with 12mg of juice. I primed the coil, let it sit for 20 minutes, puff primed it (not hitting the button) i opened it to prime the coil. Now it tastes like chemicals. Something like rubbing alcohol is what i imagine. Like what the heck!!!! Is it because of 12mg of nic or the juice isnt soakiing the coil ennough or a bad batch?? Please respond!!! I also have bad taste buds and vapers tougne
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