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  1. For starters I just want to say that not everything in this world needs to conform to LGBT specifications. I would much rather have a battery that works in a color that I don't want then a battery that doesn't work in a color I do. Most people are not aware of this. Many rechargeable batteries that have circuitry that is installed within the battery also have a limited number of times they can be recharged. I'm going to pick an arbitrary number of 500. I do so because every manufacturer will have a different number of charges you can apply to a battery. Every time you plug it in for charging 1 is reduced from that number. When it reaches zero you can no longer we charge that battery. They claim the reason for that is for your protection avoiding possible explosions. That is kind of true. I believe the real reason is they want you to buy another battery. Almost everything in this world comes down to money. If you are an expert then you can remove the wrapping from the battery and also bypass the circuitry which disables recharging once that number hits zero. But now these days they use materials which probably would not be a good idea to override this configuration. They said it at 500 times. I believe shortly after whatever that number is the internal materials would most likely break down and possibly cause a battery to explode Gore and recharge. In my opinion it's probably better just to get a new battery rather than risk an explosion that could harm you or burn down your house.
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