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  1. I'm experiencing the same issue with my Smok G-priv. I'm sure we all get some juice on our mods, and nicotine is the culprit. Nicotine has some sort of paint removal quality, and it's almost impossible to avoid having a minor spill every now and then. It does beg the question that if nicotine does this to paint, what's it doing to my lungs? Anyway, a great deal of manufacturers unfortunately aren't producing finishes that can stand up to this. Unless you have a pure copper or brass mod, you're likely to experience this problem. Luckily, it's a purely aesthetic issue and will not affect the functionality of your device. Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  2. I've found the best wire is from advancedvapesupply.com. They really do have the best quality products. The only other thing I would recommend is to get your ribbon from Kidneypuncher. It comes off the spool perfectly straight and works beautifully for staple coils and other advanced builds that require ribbon. Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  3. I just re-wicked my coils and for some reason when I take a hit, there's a popping and crackling going on that I haven't heard before. My setup is the Goon V1.5 with dual staple staggered fused claptons. Any ideas for a solution and why this is happening? Sent using The Vapor Talk mobile app
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