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  1. lol, not much for gaming are you? lol!
  2. You can play Skyrim without using magic at all. Its a challenge but I only use magic to enchant my armour and weapons. my character is a badass chic!
  3. Vaping is allowed at this theater. All others will be escorted to the Non-Vaping section. This is where you can vape and post your fav movies here. plus express why you love the movie so much.
  4. I enjoy tea flavor juice and fruit flavors as well. Tea gets me in the mood for Moderate to slow rifts of music. The fruit flavors get me in the mood for fast Irish folk music, makes me want to dance all night long. my fav music is mostly Irish Rock, Irish folk, rock, alternative, swing, ska, and love the 30's 40's 50's and 60's music. also love some classical, new age, and I definitly love Original Soundtracks to my fav games and movies.
  5. Here is a place you can express yourself while vaping and listening to your favorite tunes. Share your favorite vibes and music here. Also tell us what your flavors of juice get you in the mood for. Dancing, chilling, grooving, slow or fast music, etc..........???
  6. I prefer the historical epic games. I love games that bring you to another world in lifes history. I also love Nintendo Wii and the 64. Great games with a lot of creativity. I am a picky gamer. I have to have it be creative to game, keeps me interested and enjoy the art of the game.
  7. i game just after my kids go to sleep for 2 hours. If you dont make time for yourself, life gets pretty rough or just boring.
  8. lol! yeah right...... you need plan your day better. game at night for 2 hours a day and you can find the time.
  9. Are there any vaping gamers out there? This lounge is for you. Talk anything from Super Mario to Skyrim! Calling All Gamers!
  10. Tis true, but so hard of a habit when you dont see it coming
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