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  1. I'm just coming off sub-ohm tanks and this is my first build in my Kylin, 2- 0.50ohm hive coils reading at 0.22 on my voopoo drag, flavour and clouds are excellent.
  2. I've been Vaping 4 yrs now. And the highest wattage I'd use was about 70-80w, then when I had a hour of a tfv8 I've started Vaping at 130w max. About 70-80 on my bsby beast and 60w on my crown tanks. I never thought I'd go over 80w for nearly 3 years. But late night at home when it's quiet I like chucking dome 240-140w clouds filling the room, my Mrs vape about 40-35w for 2 yrs now. I can't see the point of a tfv12 vaping at 200w and over . My S5.
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