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    Got E Juice In My Eye!

    OMFG does it burn. Sting isn't a strong enough word. You're not stupid. I've been vaping almost five years and I did it for the first time yesterday. I'd just gotten my ZampleBox (monthly subscription of eliquids) I opened a bottle and didn't peel the plastic all the way back. I didn't think about it, as I'd just taken a two day bus journey to get home and was exhausted. I had to feel my way into the friggin kitchen to rinse my eye out (AND I wear glasses so I'd would've thought glasses would block it. But since I'd never come CLOSE before I didn't really know) 30 some hours later and my eye is still red, and my nose is clogged. Idk why but from how badly it burned, my nose clogged up. Defense mechanism I guess? Dunno. Be careful. I'm an avid vaper but that shyt is awful

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