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  1. pre maide coil

    I'm not sure about coils. I live in the UK but the above comment is very true. Fasttech are spot on. I hate building on the smok tfv8. Lots of spitback if your chain vaping. The tfv8 is great when using the coils (t8,q4,t6) . Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk

    Check out my Instagram vape_leapzy for cloud slomo with tfv8 and q4 coil. Im getting the ijoy limitless lux mod on monday . battery is ment to last a few days (26650 battery's) either that or rx200s or rx2/3 would be a nice mod. Also check the limitless xl tank that's ment to be a good un Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk
  3. Innokin Disruptor + Arctic 0.5 ohm?

    Yes this mod will work. If it says minimum off 0.2 ohms then anything above will work. Just for eg a coils at 0.15 ohms wouldnt work. So yes the mod will work with a 0.5 ohm coil Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk

    Wicked cheers I get a day out mine at 125watts just fort I'd add a extra 5 watts on as I got 1 juice which Vapes nicer a bit higher. I like the rx200 in red and black Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk

    Love my tfv8!! Got it on a kanger box 160 but getting a rx200 in a few weeks? How long does your batterys last vaping at 130watts and fairly heavy vaping? Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk
  6. Tpd

    And spoke to my vape shop and they still will have coils ect for my tanks Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk
  7. Tpd

    I know a lot of the juice will be OK here as don't mind buying ten mls Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk
  8. Tpd

    I hope so cuz I'm going to get my smok tfv8 in the morning. Will they still be selling the coils ect when this law fully comes into affect. Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk
  9. Tpd

    https://www.gov.uk/guidance/e-cigarettes-regulations-for-consumer-products Won't be able to use more than 2ml tank? Seriously? Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk
  10. Battery charging

    I went with a nitecore charger in the end and it works lovely. Takes about 4 And a half hours to charge my two batterys for my kanger Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk
  11. Battery charging

    OK guys I was told it was better to use an external charger rather than charge them in the mod by my vocal vape shop. And yeah o do have another little innokin cool fire 4 I use while they charge. Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk ***local
  12. Battery charging

    Hi I am charging my battery using a external nitecore charger for the first time (got it today). Am I right in saying I need to let the battery's cool before putting them in my kanger kbox 160 before using? Sent from my VF-895N using Tapatalk

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