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  1. Vape76

    Throat & mouth burn

    @GaGa- You were totally being helpful. Thanks for the advice!!
  2. Vape76

    Throat & mouth burn

    Lol... I already gave away the 6mg. I smoked on and off for years until about three years ago. Even though I quit cold turkey I still find myself in situations where I want to smoke. Hence my weight gain and my choice to vape. It's not about the nic at all. I had no intention of getting hooked on nic. It's the psychological aspect of smoking.
  3. Vape76

    Throat & mouth burn

    I'm using a Viva Nova with the 24 ohm wick
  4. I haven't found any cheaper than $16 in DFW area. Total rip off. No e of my local stores carry stock of 0 nic in all of their flavors. If I want to sample any or try they I have to use some type of nic that burns my mouth.
  5. Vape76

    Throat & mouth burn

    I now have some tasty chocolate mint 0 nic liquid. Trying it out. Works for my candy cravings for sure.
  6. Vape76

    Throat & mouth burn

    Thank you. I've turned the voltage down. The nic level is 6mg. That's the lowest they had bottled in my flavors. I'm getting 0 next time.
  7. I started using eGo-c Twist yesterday for the first time. Not a smoker but want it for food cravings. After using it for a bit my throat and tongue now feel dry and as if I burnt them. What do I do?

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