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  1. I'm using this: http://www.mistymountainvapors.com/510-Dual-Coil-Tank-Cartomizer-DCT.htm For some reason, the last couple of cartos I've put in this thing won't stay wet. I do everything as I always do, I fill the tank, then make sure the carto is good and topped off, in several ways that were given to me here. But I'll vape for a few minutes and then suddenly get a dry hit. It seems like it isn't pulling juice in from the tank. I've tried changing the voltage on the Twist, I have used two different juices from two different vendors, and I have had this happen on 2 cartos back to back. I keep rewetting the cartos myself, and I'm good for a few minutes, then dry. I'm out of ideas on what could be causing this, and it is getting really annoying. Any ideas?
  2. Wolfie303

    Vapor Hookah?

    http://www.juicyvapor.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=VJ-000739 I've only tried honey hookah so far, and it is probably one of my all time favorites. I just reordered some and added some small bottles of raspberry hookah and wild blueberry hookah to try as well.
  3. Wolfie303

    Vapor Hookah?

    If no one makes one, they should. I would totally get an e-hookah. I never tried a standard one but always wanted to. Closest I've gotten is hookah e-juice.
  4. Wolfie303

    New Social Vaping Site.

    I'm back in again, too!
  5. True. But I doubt e-cigs will replace other smoking cessation products. Reason being... everyone finds something different that works for them. I've met a bunch of people who just couldn't get over the taste of the liquids for e-cigs, and believe me, they tried. They had a decent setup, tried liquids from various catagories and vendors, no go. My mom is struggling with this right now. But then you have someone like me who tried every smoking cessation product I could and they all made me sick (I still back slowly away from the patch when I come across it, that was a sick I'll never forget). I do, however, think they all do pretty much the same thing. You switch to them. Maybe you can get yourself off of them, maybe you don't bother to try. You slowly step yourself down or you enjoy what you have.
  6. I've tried quitting about 9 times in the 20 some years I smoked. The e-cig got me off the cigarettes. But now I have an e-cig. LOL! Although, to be fair... a former friend of mine quit using the gum, and she was still chewing the gum two years later.
  7. Wolfie303

    I Keep Returning To Analogs :-(

    I always tell people... go to the dentist. Have the stains removed. That helps. I don't know about anyone else, but the backs of my bottom teeth turned dark brown. There was nothing wrong with them, it was just stains. And there are stains on the front of my teeth, too. I have not had a smoke in 6 months and I want so badly to get to the dentist and get those stains removed to make it 100% official. So I've been saving money so I can go to the dentist for a good cleaning. Once that's done, I'll be golden.
  8. Wolfie303

    Best Drip Atty For Taste?

    I don't drip much, honestly. It's way too difficult to do at work (I'm in retail sales), so I usually use dripping for tasting new liquids when I just can't wait to try them all, and sometimes when I just feel like it at home. And, honestly, I have been very pleased with the same one you are currently using. Vapor production seems to depend on the liquid, and two drops of liquid goes pretty far. And they're cheap. Perfect for what I'm doing. Now if you want to drip most of the time, you may want to check out the two Maptec posted.
  9. Me and clearomizers don't get along. I don't know why. I have tried several different kinds, long and short wick, and have had zero luck with them. It's the only setup I never took to and stuck with for a while.
  10. Wolfie303

    New To Forum, Not Vaping

    Thanks everyone!
  11. Wolfie303

    Ladies Only!

    I would talk to your doctor, first and foremost. Secondly, perimenopause can start in your 20s. My mom used to give lectures and she taught classes on the subject. I've been having issues for a long time... I have all the menopause symptoms and side effects, and I get mine every two weeks, almost like clockwork. But I'm only 32. So, basically... I'd go and have a nice long talk with your doctor.
  12. Wolfie303

    New Study On Second Hand Vaping.

    Link doesn't work.
  13. Wolfie303

    I Keep Returning To Analogs :-(

    I get the urge to buy a pack every now and then. It really is very mental and just tell yourself no. That's what works for me, anyway. I am one of those folks who bought an e-cig, smoked one last cigarette, and never looked back. I have people ask me all the time how I did it. Easy... I'm cheap. I forced myself to skip the $20 ones at the gas station and went right for the eGo starter kit. $75 later, I looked at that box and said, "For $75 this $%^! better work!" It did... because I wasn't willing to throw away $75. And it helped that I had a bike sitting in the garage that I had to pass every day, wanting like crazy to ride it, but couldn't get more than a mile or two without having to come home. Now I'm way past $75, but every time I want to buy a pack of cigarettes I look at the bike wrack on my car. I also have the 22 mile marker photographed and up as my cell phone wallpaper. The urge goes away pretty fast.
  14. I've switched over to the tank/carto almost exclusively, but I can certainly see why some don't. I've had issues with flooding that *knocks on wood* I think I have cleared up. I have repeated issues with a burnt taste (got it right now, actually). Tank was leaking a bit today, too. My original reason for staying away from them was due mostly to the fact that I get real tired of juices before I finish off a tank. I've been dealing with that issue, but it isn't always easy.

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