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What Does Your Doctor Say?

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I've been vaping for about 5 weeks and had a checkup. My doctor strongly advised me to get off vaping and said that although it was better than smoking, that it wasn't much better. Before the appointment I had been getting some ejuice in my mouth and it made my tongue turn a brown color (has gone away since) and some small craters on my tongue. I have since done a better job of cleaning my cartridge after I fill it and am thinking of lowering my nicotine from 18 to 12. Just wanted to know what your doc says about vaping



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I haven't seen any doctors for a long time. But I think the doctors shouldn't just say get off vaping even though I don't know nothing about it and I haven't done any tests to conclude why. Now if the doctor had done tests and had conclusive evidence then I would say that is fine for them to say to stop. That is most likely why the doctor told you to stop because he believes anything that hasn't had any testing done is dangerous. Like one time when they thought the tomato was poisonous because it is a member of the night shade family. Well one eventually had the courage and ate a tomato and we still do today with no ill effects.



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Last time I went to the doctor he stuck his finger where the sun don't shine. I haven't been back since. :D
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My Dr's are happy I am not smoking and all my things to watch are doing fine.They are for the most part looking at it from a replacement therapy viewpoint like Chantix or Nicorette to be used to beat your addiction cigerettes and then you stop using the therapy .Otherwise you are just exchanging one addiction for another.I find this to be very true in my case.Even though I got rid of tobacco and nicotine I still have a habit of picking up my ecig and I really like and look forward to some tasty eliquid.They think in a whole nuther level,kind of like folks who think out of work people just need to get a good job with health insurance and a retirement plan.Never occurs to them that some folks just can't for whatever thier reason is.I love it when my Cardiologists and Orthopedics Dr's tell me I need to take it easy cause I am not as young as I once was.I tell them to tell my employer that,we all work for the same hospital.



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haha, my tongue was brown BEFORE I started vaping, now it's a healthy pink. (unless I drink instant coffee... ewwww).
haha, my tongue's craters were buried under layers of disgusting tar buiildup, before I started vaping. Now I have cute little taste "buds" dancing in delight.

What do I say? I say, send your DR. good info from CASAA.org, point him to the Cardiologist's huge convention, Dr. Seigals(sp) blog, and tell him/her to get with the program and OFF the propaganda that is poisoning his/her mind and possibly killing his/her patients because they're too scared to switch due to the ANTZ poisonous propaganda.

and go visit a different Dr.

repeat as necessary.