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Review: Innokin Endura S1 Vape With Kingston Podbar Salts

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Innokin Endura S1 Vape x Kingston Podbar Salts features an impressive capacity of up to 3500 puffs, the Innokin Endura S1 x Kingston Podbar Salts offers long-lasting usage without the need for frequent refills. The refillable fixed pod system enables easy and convenient replenishment of your favourite e-liquid, providing you with the freedom to experiment with different flavours.

The auto draw feature adds to the user-friendly design, allowing for seamless activation without the need for any buttons. Simply inhale, and the device will deliver a smooth and satisfying hit.

The 2ml refillable pod ensures an ample supply of e-liquid, while the 10mg/20mg Kingston Podbar Salts E-liquid adds a touch of uniqueness and variety to your vaping experience. The flavours available, such as Mad Blue, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice, cater to a wide range of preferences.
Equipped with a rechargeable 350mAh battery and a USB Type-C charging port, the innokin endura s1 disposable vape offers convenience and efficiency in battery management.

1.1Ω mesh coil delivers a smooth and satisfying hit, replicating the sensation of traditional smoking. This makes it an ideal choice for individuals transitioning from cigarettes to vaping.

Lastly, TPD compliance ensures that the product meets the necessary regulatory standards, providing peace of mind in terms of safety and legality. Innokin Endura S1 x Kingston Podbar Salts is a professional-grade vaping device that combines cutting-edge features, exceptional performance, and a wide range of delicious flavours. In vapeshopuk, not only electronic cigarettes but also more types of products are waiting for your browsing.

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