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Isolation RTA by Deathwish mods


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(SELL) or (TRADE) Fully authentic gunmetal In color but I think it does well with everything black that I have. This thing is in excellent condition not one scratch not one blemish. It has one build I'm it and that is It.. Will sell or trade it.. I'd like to get a gt4 for it but that may be a longshot..just throwin it out there..I'd like to get another good rta or good rda out of it

. Just hmu..open to all offers1476109615f3c89b11946071c562de51.jpgc1dbaaa8df07fc4b1e9153bacf95135e.jpgd48bb38bf3df98546501c17408424186.jpgd1b575c4da24d3dd3f57936b1d7f6485.jpg05a9925d413474c216d4ef573c72eb7c.jpg

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