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Hi Everyone 

I purchased a Raptor breakout board and a 120W raptor (20Amp) , later on decided to go with a 200W raptor (40Amp)

The brakout board is already populated with:

2 22uF SMD capacitors 

1 5.6v SMD Zener diode 

1 220ohm thin-film SMD resistor 

1 4.7kohm thin-film SMD resistor 

1 SMD pFET/P-channel MOSFET

With the kit comes 2 9Amp re settable fuses, now from what I understand I need 2 more 9Amp re settable fuses and the board should work with 200W raptor, Am I correct??? if not what do I need ?

I understand that it needs to be bridged because the through holes will not align. 

your help is highly appreciated.

P.S. attached pictures of the breakout board and raptors in question.  




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