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Vapor Whale review

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I odered a dripbox160 The price was amazing. I have a major issue however with there shipping company. PostNL is absolutly horrible. Look up reviews online 1.2 out of 10 stars with 374 reviews. Thats not acceptable. When i had issues tracking my package i contacted vapor whale and they seemed to be aware of this issue. Almost as if everyone has this issue. They said wait a week for an update. I waited a week and it updated from no info to basicaly saying they printed a shipping lable and had not recieved the package. Vapor whale showed mr there records saying it had shipped(not an official reciept from postnl) so now im kinda just wondering whats going on and very disapointed they still use this company knowing it has severe tracking issues. Now that said they have responded to every mail in a timely manner and been fairly polite yet dont seem to understand my frustration. But language barriers make it hard. So no bad points for that. Over all price is great service is fair but shipping company is unacceptable.

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