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Beware of Raindrop Vape

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Stay away from Raindrop Vape! I purchased a new sub ohm tank from them. Shipping was fast and all seemed well....until I tried out the Tank. 

It is the new Gigue Pandora. The tank (doesn't matter which coil you use) not only runs hot (even at low wattage/temperatures) but the heat spreads to the box mod (I tried several) and causes the outside of the mod to get too hot to handle. Personally I find this to be very scary!

I immediately contacted Raindrop Vapes and asked to return the tank. I was told by Jenn that it was probably just a defective coil (never mind that I had the same problem with both coils) and she would be happy to give me $5 off a box of coils! Otherwise I needed to contact the manufacturer. 

This (in my opinion) is not good customer service nor does it show that you are willing to stand behind your products! Raindrop is the one ordering these tanks from somewhere...probably directly from the Manufacturer and should not have a problem returning the tank to the manufacturer and getting it replaced or refunded! In the very least I should have been given store credit towards another tank. At this point I want nothing to do with Raindrop Vapes and will talk to my credit card company tomorrow about getting a refund.

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