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DJ Colonel Corn

26650 Vamo E-Huge

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Hello fellow vapers.

Here's my review of the 26650 VAMO aka The E-Huge.

I wanted a device that could last all day and night with heavy vaping, primarily. I was also sick of throwing away Spinners and other pen batteries.

So I found the E-huge. It's not THAT big, but I suppose at first one might be impressed.

OK, so here are the features:

VV 3.0-6.0v

VW 7.0-15.0 (There is now a 7w-30w version available)

Fires coils of 1.2-5 ohm

Takes 1 26650 Li-Ion battery, some models come with an extension for two batteries to be held in one unit.

Over voltage/ Under Voltage battery protection

Shuts off power when battery reaches 3.2v

Reverse Polarity Protection

10-second power button cycle

The LED screen shows volts/watts/puff time with a battery life bar and the ohms of the coil displayed.

Holding the left button down for 5 secs shows you battery voltage, 10 secs switches between RMS Power and MEAN power settings (see explanation ).

Holding the right button down 10 secs shows ohms of coil, which is already displayed on main screen, so I dunno.

The quality and machine work on this is real nice. "Gun-metal" finish is great.

I like the fact that if I repress the power button before 10 secs has gone by, it resets the cycle with hardly any drop in power to the coil.

I use my VAMO every day and night, all day and night. Some models come with a 4800mAh battery, which I recommend if yours doesn't.

The battery extension comes wth some models, otherwise almost impossible to find it. Many people ask if it's safe to use two batteries in this, and it is.

I love my 26650 VAMO. Fits in hand really well. Lasts over 24 hours of continous chronic vaping with no sleep. Tried this myself.

The function is great, everything about it is great.

People tell me it looks like a light saber or a spaceship screwdriver !

You can see a gallery of pics of my E-Huge on this site.

Click here to see pics of my E-Huge.

There's a pic of the E-huge with a MacTank on top at the bottom of the review.

Get on of these ! You'll love it !


©2014 DJColonelCorn.Com

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Hey vapers !

I forgot another function of the 26650 VAMO / E-Huge in my review !

That is, if you hold down the right button 10+ secs the mod goes into POWER OUT mode for things like the included 510-to-USB adapter, for charging cell phones or any USB-powered device. I also found a 510 flashlight that screws into the VAMO. Pretty cool actually, bright LED.

So there you go folks, would've edited the above post if I could have.

All the best.

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@vaping_jake :

You can't use a Kanger sub tank on this mod, because the Kanger sub tank, like the name implies, is a sub-ohm system, and the 26650 VAMO can not go below 1.3 ohms. Do not try !! Your vamo e-huge is protected against low ohm situations so it should be alright, but, do NOT get this mod if you intend to use sub-ohm atomizers.

By the way you should also know that using an 0.5 coil will double the nicotine strength of your e-liquid.

All the best !

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How do you think it would look with a kangerTech sub tank on it. It is 25 mm wide. I like tube style but has to have a clean line look.

Forgot to add your quote to my answer.... can't do it in edit.

Just wanted to alert you to my reply.

Admin/Moderators: Please join the quote into my orginal reply and delete this post. Thanks !

By the way, I had a problem with a sticky Nautilus spring which ruined my 26650 VAMO's firing pin. So it is now "retired" ......

Edited by DJ Colonel Corn

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