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Does anyone know anything about this mod?


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There are so many mods out there now, it's hard to keep track of them all. Worse yet is the clones and then the clones of the clones and then the clones of the clones of the clones.

My first guess, is that it's of Swan genetics. It has more swirls than the original Swan, but he might be making them with more swirls.

OH, I bet Todd or Scott has a review on youtube!

I think GhostModder makes a decent clone of the Swan, unlike most of the other cloners out there. Hopefully you can find the original though. They're beautiful!

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It is my ex brother-in-law's, he sent me a pic of it when I was asking him some questions about mods. He offered to let me come over and check out his stuff and educate me on it. I'm DEFINATLY gonna take him up on the offer. I was just wondering what it was because I forgot to ask him when I was talking to him.

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