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Need A Washington State Vapers Club.

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Hello all, DannyBoyFromWashington here. As my name implies I am in washington state and don't know of any vaping clubs around here so I figgure we might as well start one if we get enough interest.

Post here if you live in the washington/oregon/idaho area and are interested in getting together as a group to meet fellow vapers near you and plan some events :)

I am in south east WA so commonly go as far as Coeur D'alene, ID. / Hermiston, OR / Spokane, WA and occasionaly up to Seattle, WA.

Vape ON!

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Hey, Im Jester of Mythical Fabrications. I currently live in Las vegas, but im moving back to WA in september to the little town of toledo. and im with ya on finding a vapors meetup for Washington. let me know if you find anythign on it, and i will fill ya in if i find any info as well.

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Welcome to Washington Jester!

If anyone here in Wa isnt aware we have some awesome vapor shops and vape meets. A store called The Vaporium in Tacoma sets up amazing meets and of course we have Volcano in Olympia. Provape was at the last meet and showed off the new Provari colors before anyone else even saw them.

Most of you already know about these meets though, this post is just for any out there that were unaware.

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