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Found 1 result

  1. So had a nice single coil build going with 28 gauge NI200 it read at 0.123 on my IPV 4 so I decided to wick it and give it a go. Put it all together and got a reading of 0.047 so I was like what the hell, I took it back apart and got 0.143 reading so I figure something had to be going on. I noticed the chimney was touching the coil so I re adjusted the coil and set it up again. Got it a reading of 0.178 the first few hits were nice, but then I get a reading of 0.268 on the coil I know with NI200 standard coils when the temp goes up they will read higher. I was getting a real bad hit tasted terrible, then I got a dry reading so I adjusted the juice control valve a few times, and re soaked the actual cotton on the coil. Read at 0.163 so fired away this time only one good hit and the rest so so, closed the air flow trying to prime the coil. Gave it a few more goes mediocre hits i decide to give it a monster rip after changing mouth pieces got a worse hit then dry kanthal I was like unreal. I'm no expert coil builder at all,if fact I'm very inexperienced but the same happened with one of the stock coils it came with, I thought NI200 and temp control was supposed to prevent hits like that. This was a terrible experience I still feel like I want to vomit, juice flow on this thing sucks. Or maybe I messed up but I tried the juice control wide bot ways made sure the chimney was lined up proper so idk. Bad experience for sure. The pic was before I juiced it FYI
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