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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. So, I've been buying e-juice from bulkejuice.com for a little while. I've bought three 4gram bottles over the past 3 months. First it was cinnamon crunch which tasted more like maple syrup. The bottle was almost entirely full when it slipped out my pocket somewhere and was lost forever. Good riddance though. Then I bought apple jax. Also tasted like maple syrup and had a leaky bottle. Then finally I went with something simple: cinnamon. How could they get this wrong? I just wanted something cinnamony. Well, this time around it seems they filled the 4gram bottle over halfway with water. It was supposed to be 30PG/70VG with 6mg of nicotine but it seems to be even less viscous than 100% PG. The contents also don't even seem to mix. It's like water and oil. It costed $28.50 for a bottle of this, shipping included. So, is there something I don't know that I should? Is this much water common practice or foul practice and what will happen to my lungs if I continue to smoke this (though I will not)? It actually stung my throat in a way very different than high nicotine levels would. I called in and messaged them asking for a refund and I suggest you guys spread the word about these guys. P.S. Could someone please direct me to a website where I can order cinnamon flavored e-juice at around 6mg in bulk? I would really appreciate it. It seems like every vendor is trying to make these fancy mixed flavors but I just want something simple like grape or cinnamon alone.

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