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  1. Joined way back in 2011 but stopped vapeing in 2013/14 but starting back up again so wanted to get back on here and get to know the industry again . Hope to see some old faces and meet new ones .
  2. i havnt treyed it but i did find some other posts about it on this site http://www.vaportalk.com/forum/forum/forum/topic/9993-go-go-kits-and-batteries/ hope this helps
  3. i was wondering this to. i posted my own topic because i didnt see this one. but maby between our topics we will find out
  4. is there a difference between the generations of the eGo-T attys/parts?. im just wondering this because iv seen generation 1 2 and 3 parts on some sites and was wondering what the difference was besides a slight varying in price from generation 1 to generation 2 or 3.. i know the whole idea of old items are cheaper to make room for new ones but was just wondering what the difference is between the new generations of the ego-t(gen 2 or 3) over the first generation of them.
  5. its probly IKV 510 Cartomizer Gold V2 Drip-Style that is never in stock from what i can see lol. but i will try others from there site once i got some spare money(just orderd some carts from around to try diff ones out) but i will look into the thin vg you said and iw ill try a lr carto cuz i got some lr ones coming in hopefully on monday
  6. ya i only use usa made liquids. i havnt found a china made one i like. all of them to me have a chemical taste to them no matter what i try them on and the usa ones dont for me so i just use usa ones
  7. i got a few kinds i know for sure i got boge, a few joye ones, some ones i dont know who makes them but they are black/stainless with solid tips(not soft tips) and some have sliver others have brass ends but idk the makers of these i got them off a site on clearance and i cant find the email from buying so idk the sites name. the only ones i havnt tryed are the ce-2 ones but if a find a site that has them instock ima try them because they look like they are better and might do better with vg base liquids just guessing because of the build of them. id stick with attys but i seem to be a atty killer. i cant get an atty to last more then a day or two beacuse im heavy vaperer and even if i clean them i cantseem to keep attys alive so i just stick with carts. but i will try and use more 50/50 liquids once i get some. for now im just mixing my old 100 and 80/20 pgs with my 100vgs to help thin them down untill i find a good mix that works i do know the i can get my boge carts to last a while if i clean them every few days using the coke way and running under hot water. atm i mix a 80pg20vg with a 100vg liquid and it seems to work but if i dont make the mix right it gunks up the carts after a fill or 2
  8. i just started a switch to 100%vg and sometimes 50/50 pg/vg eliquid and i noticed vg liquids seems to kill all my cartomizers pretty fast. the main problem im finding is that it will vape at the start but after awhile it will stop and sometimes kill the cartomizer and even after cleaning and everything they wont work even if i put some of my leftover 100%pg liquid in it. so im wondering if there are cartomizers out there that are made for vg liquids or if there is nothing out at the moment that is made for pure vg or a more vg based liquids. iv searched and found a few but they dont seem to be different from any other ones iv seen. so i was wodnering if you can suggest some good carts that work good with vg based liquids.
  9. i ordered some cartomizers and didnt realize untill after i ordered that they where kr808 and not 510 ones. i must of picked the wrong ones in a drop down list or something and didnt realize it untill i got the shipment conformation and seen it said kr808d cartimzers and i cant cancel the order because it is aredy on its way but i figured id ask to see if i have to buy something for it to work on a 510/ego battery so i can order it now and get it not to long after these show up. iv only been vapeing for a few months and new to some of these pvs styles and just found out about carts a month ago so i dont know alot about them so figured is ask on here because i dont want them to show up and not fit and have to wait longer for something to get them to work.
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